Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KGK wins another Due Process

KGK wins another Due Process Complaint. The issue in this case was the appropriateness of one special education school over another. The parents disputed a charter school's selection of a private school. The charter school claimed that the school where it wanted to place the child was the same as the school the parents requested.  The Administrative Law Judge did not agree with the charter school.  The judge found that the private special ed school the parents requested was appropriate for the student, and the one the charter school selected was not. So while schools can select location, the location/school must be appropriate for that child; it must be able to provide the student with a FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education). Not all private special ed schools are the same.  So while the private school the charter school selected is appropriate for other students, it is not appropriate for this particular student.
Read the full decision Pointe Educational Services. 
Congratulations Lori Kirsch-Goodwin!!!!!!!!

When Friends Become Bullies-CNN

Insightful story on when friends become the bullies.

Friends, now Bullies.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Reason I Jump

A teenager with autism, Naoki Higashida, invites you into the workings of his mind in the book he himself authored, The Reason I Jump.  Just 13 years old at the time he wrote the book, this amazing individual  offers an incredible peek into his world -- a world shared by so many on the Autism Spectrum.  What a treat for all of us who want to get a glimpse into the minds and worlds of someone special, someone with ASD, who we love.