Thursday, March 1, 2012

Question: How do I know if my child's school has a seclusion room?

There is a lot of buzz lately among parents concerned about seclusion rooms at their child's school.  Not every school has one, and the only one we are aware of is at Desert Sage Elementary School in the Deer Valley Unified School District.  What can you do to find out if your child's school has a seclusion room and how it is used?  Ask!  Ask your child's teacher, ask the school principal, ask the special education director of the school district.  Ask in person or, preferably, in e-mail.  Simply ask:  Does my child’s school have a seclusion / chill / cool down room or anything similar?  If so, then ask to see it.  Also, ask to see the school district’s policy on placing a child in seclusion.  But remember, not every school district in Arizona has adopted a policy on restraint and seclusion.  If the school district or charter school has a policy, it should be in writing, in the Student Handbook.  If not, ask to see it.  Discuss with the IEP or 504 Team your concerns, and under what circumstances the school places a child in seclusion.  Discuss restraint issues as well.  What less restrictive interventions are available?  What training is involved of school personnel involved in restraint and seclusion.  Remember, if you have a question, ask it, and if you have a concern, voice it.  And remember to write the legislature to enact restraint and seclusion policies.  Arizona remains one of a half dozen states with no laws on restraint and seclusion in our schools. 

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