Friday, June 8, 2012

School’s Out For Summer…Or Is It?

Although many students have a couple of months off, others are attending Extended School Year (ESY) or Summer School.  Students who have an IEP or a 504 Plan are still entitled to receive an appropriate education at ESY or summer school.  Services, supports, modifications and accommodations do not go by the wayside; schools must still provide those. 

Parents and guardians, you too have homework over the summer.  Get out those IEPs and 504 Plans and review them.  Look at the standardized test scores your child received this past school year.  Make sure your child received that which he or she is entitled and that there was progression on goals.  If you note any areas of concern, request an IEP meeting when your child returns to school.  In response to a request for an IEP meeting, the school must convene the IEP Team (of which you are a member) within fifteen (15) school days.  If you have specific concerns, note them in your request for a meeting.  E-mail your request to the special education director of the school district or charter school as well as at least one other person (and that depends on who your primary or secondary contact with, but usually the special ed teacher, the principal (headmaster in the case of a charter school), or school psychologist, and always cc yourself.    

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