Friday, December 13, 2013

ESY data

Your child's IEP team (which includes YOU, the parent / grandparent / legal guardian) will be making a decision in the coming months about whether your child qualifies for ESY (EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR).  The decision must be based on data.  Ask your child's teacher or case manager what data is being collected before the coming holiday break so that your child's level of regression and recoupment can be measured after school break.  Your child may also be entitled to ESY if he or she is at a critical stage or point of instruction.
The IEP team must look at retrospective data, such aspast regression and rate of recoupment (which is based on data taken before and after school holidays/breaks) and also on predictive data, based on the opinion of professionals in consultation with you, the child’s parents / grandparents / legal guardians, as well as circumstantial considerations of your child’s individual situation at home and in hisor her neighborhood and community.
Happy holidays to you and your families,Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch.


  1. Can you explain the concepts "past regression" and "rate of recoupment," please?

  2. Students may regress over vacation periods; that is, they may lose / forget some of the learning/skills they acquired. Student should recover/return to (recoup) the level they were at before the school break, and they usually do this in a relatively short period of time, for example within a week. If, however, a student takes longer to return to the level he or she was before the school break, then the recoupment is taking longer than it should. A "regression/recoupment" analysis considers the amount of regression a student child experiences during a school break (fall break, winter break, spring break, summer) with the amount of time it takes that student to regain his or her prior level of skill, and whether the child loses crucial self-sufficiency objectives during the break. There is no hard and fast answer, but compare the child who has an IEP with his or her typical peers.