Friday, December 13, 2019

Eligibility Categories for special education (IEP) in Arizona

There ae 14 eligibility categories in Arizona for students to be considered for an IEP.  But remember, just having one of these disabilities does not automatically mean that the student qualifies for an IEP.  This is a 2-step process.  Having a disabilty that fits in one or more of these categories is the first step.  The second step is needing special education (specialized instruction).  If the MET (Multidisciplinary Evalution Team), by "consensus," does not find that the the student needs special education, the student may be able to qualify for a 504 Plan.  There are ways, however, for parents to challenge a school's determination that their child does not qualify for an IEP.  Whether the challenge will be successful depends on the particular facts and circumstances.

(i)    Autism ("A") 
(ii)   Developmental delay ("DD")
(iii)  Emotional disability ("ED")
(iv)  Hearing impairment ("HI")
(v)   Other health impairments ("OHI")
(vi)   Specific learning disability ("SLD")
(vii)  Mild, moderate or severe intellectual disability ("MID," "MOID," "SID")
(viii) Multiple disabilities ("MD")
(ix)    Multiple disabilities w/ severe sensory impairment ("MDSSI")(x)     Orthopedic impairment ("OI")
(xi)    Preschool severe delay ("PSD")
(xii)   Speech/language impairment ("SLI")
(xiii)  Traumatic brain injury ("TBI")
(xiv)  Visual impairment ("VI")
You can find the statute (the law), A.R.S. 15-761 at

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